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Adam Paroussos is a composer, sound designer and performance artist whose work has spanned internationally through film, dance, theatre and live art. Collaboration is at the root of his practice and often works with Andrea Zimmerman, Sound Writing Kollab and Petri Delights. Adam's work often incorporates music and sounds composed from natural materials, field recordings, found objects, electronics, trumpet and self-made instruments.

Adam runs ongoing multi-disciplinary improvised events ‘Crossspace’ and has performed his solo project ‘Bamboo Mustard’ all over London and beyond. He enjoys engaging in collaborative live devised work and experimental film.

Some works include composer and live foley for the physical theatre piece ‘Haidar’ at Pratt Institute Brooklyn New York, soundtrack for award-nominated documentary ‘Erase and Forget’ and composer for Breakthrough Science Awards.

As of 2021 Adam has been selected to be part of the BAFTA Crew and BFI Network.

Adam and Alex Roth were awarded Best Sound and Music at Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival Los Angeles for in Viscera: Autopsy of a (non)human Body. His original soundtrack for 'Have A Nice Day Forever' has been selected for the official competition at the Music & Cinema - Festival International du Film à Marseille (MCM).

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